[PODCAST] The Key to Simple Nonprofit Messaging

The Key to Simple Nonprofit Messaging

In this episode, Meghan Speer, host of the Nonprofit Hub Radio podcast, interviews another Megan! Our guest, Megan Donahue shares her wisdom about tweaks and simple things that nonprofits can do to improve messaging. 

Megan talks about her ideas on improving letters and email acknowledgments,  how to sound personable in communication, and how to move away from organization-centric messaging and toward donor and audience-focused messaging. 

Megan Donahue is a writer and nonprofit communications consultant, focused on helping organizations create content that connects with their audiences. She specializes in finding the human story within your facts, drawing in your audience, and building your relationship with them. Megan is the host of Love & Robots, a monthly webcast on the intersection of nonprofits and technology, a dedicated theatre nerd, and an enthusiastic pie-baker.

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