[PODCAST] Subscription Model Philanthropy

Subscription Model Philanthropy – Dave Raley

If the average person looked at their bank statement for the month, how many subscriptions do you think they would find? Between streaming services, delivery services, and apps, it’s probably more than we realize! The subscription mindset has taken over our society and in today’s episode host Meghan Speer sits down with Dave Raley to talk about how nonprofits can increase their recurring giving through it.

As a consultant, speaker, writer, and founder of Imago Consulting, Dave Raley works with leaders who recognize the importance of innovation as a path to profitable growth. Over the past 20 years, Dave has worked with, spoken to, and inspired hundreds of nonprofits to grow, develop strategies, and launch new products and initiatives. He’s the author of The Wave Report, a weekly report on waves to watch – trends and lessons leaders can learn from and apply to their leadership. He’s also the co-founder and host of the Purpose & Profit Podcast – a show about the intersection of nonprofit causes and for-profit businesses.

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