[PODCAST] Managing Multigenerational Teams – Kate Viana

Managing Multigenerational Teams – Kate Viana

One of the biggest challenges a nonprofit leader can face is managing their team. When you have a diverse group of people from multiple generations who all come with their own unique communication styles, motivations, and life experiences, it can be tough to bridge those gaps. On today’s episode, host Meghan Speer sits down with Kate Viana from Nontoxic Nonprofits to discuss everything leaders need to understand about these different generations and how to manage them effectively. 

Kate’s odyssey in nonprofit communications and marketing spans over a decade, evolving from a dedicated volunteer and board member to a committed staff member. She ventured into contract and freelance work along the way, ultimately circling back as a full-time staff member and part-time consultant focused on remedying communication breakdowns and cultural toxicity, as well as providing high-quality, affordable marketing for small nonprofits. She has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations and causes, from healthcare and tourism to child welfare and animal rescue. Kate is a NANOE Certified Nonprofit Consultant and holds a BA in International Studies, an MA in Global Communication, and a professional Certificate of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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