[PODCAST] Make Donor Personalization A Priority

Make Donor Personalization A Priority

If you have been to a nonprofit event or conference in the last few years, chances are you’ve run into Erik Tomalis from Virtuous. Maybe you’ve even been in one of his famous LinkedIn selfies. His passion for helping grow generosity is unmatched, and he speaks and shares across the country to help industry professionals do their best work. Erik joins Meghan on the podcast today to talk about practical steps you can take this year to make donor personalization a priority in 2024 by working on your segmentation and listening. He shares some really great insights from giving data in 2023 that will help seasoned pros and nonprofit newbies alike to zero in on their goals and target their messaging for this year and beyond.


Erik Tomalis is a proven fundraising professional that is forward thinking, people driven, but most of all results oriented. With over 20 years of professional fundraising experience, he made over 4,000 donor solicitations where he has raised millions of dollars for many non-profit organizations.

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