[PODCAST] Keeping All Bars on Green: Self-Care in the Professional Space

Professional Self-Care and the Art of “Showing Up”


How can we be more engaged and authentic in our professional lives? In an episode full of great tips on professional self-care and authenticity, our guest Bethany Cranfield shares two key mantras that stand out.

The first is that we must keep “All bars on green” meaning we optimize our professional practices so that they don’t evaporate our energy by day’s end. We can do this by prioritizing self-care, but also by setting professional boundaries in ways that might make us uncomfortable at first. Especially if we are habitual overachievers!

The second is that we “show up” on our professional social channels. This means taking our true selves and unique perspectives, tailoring them to the professional environment, and then claiming space online by sharing them. Bethany advocates for making connections for connection’s sake and allowing networking and business development opportunities to arise as a natural byproduct. So just by showing up, we both honor ourselves and nutrify our professional prospects.

If you are an overachiever who wants to continue getting things done without omitting self-care and connection, this episode is a must-listen.

Bethany is passionate about helping leaders and businesses achieve scalable and sustainable growth by prioritizing healthy disciplines. With this approach, Bethany is building Door No. 3’s business development program to achieve its growth ambitions. She’s focused on making new relationships for the agency and building a virtual and in-person community of tenacious marketing leaders.

Her career began as a foster care and adoption caseworker. While the shape of her work has evolved significantly, her magic has always been to listen loudly to a client’s presenting challenges and make an actionable plan.

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