[PODCAST] Cultivating Leadership for the Nonprofit Sector

Nonprofit Leadership Under the Microscope

What traits do you associate with strong nonprofit leadership? Confidence? Persistence? Assertiveness?

In speaking with our latest guest, Trent Dunham,  the president and CEO of Dunham+Company, we learned that essential nonprofit leadership traits are often much more humbling.

Trent upens up about how his leadership grew as a result of accepting tough feedback, questioning himself, and pausing for reflection. His prevailing mantras “humble aggressiveness, patience, and honor” have helped orient him through the hurdles of being at the helm.

Trent contends that the drive to be a leader will always remain, but the path to getting there means honoring the leadership in place before establishing your own and occasionally taking sharp criticism on the chin in order to grow.

Stream this episode to get great tips on navigating the leader’s journey.

Trent Dunham serves as President+CEO of Dunham+Company, providing strategic leadership to its teams around the world ensuring Dunham+Company remains an effective partner to thriving faith-based nonprofit and for-profit organizations. He is a recognized expert in integrated marketing, fundraising, media, and communications.

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