[PODCAST] Cultivating Donors by Adding Value

Cultivating Donors by Adding Value

Anyone who works in fundraising dreams of a world where everyone automatically cares about and supports their mission without even having to be asked, but that is just not our reality. In our actual world, donors are people who have lives and jobs and responsibilities and even if they do want to support the mission, they don’t want to be treated like an ATM machine. This is where the importance of providing value back to donors comes in. In today’s episode Meghan Speer sits down with Brad Davies to discuss the importance of cultivating donor relationships where we give and don’t just take. He has some practical advice for creating resources that showcase your mission but appeal to your audience that you won’t want to miss!

Brad developed and leads Salem Cultivate, which gives ministries access to the largest Christian audience online and deploys sophisticated fundraising practices to deliver new names and donors. Previously Brad was the Fundraiser in Chief of Hatch Fundraising. He was the project director of the Online Fundraising Scorecard which looked at the fundraising practices of over 400 national nonprofits and developed the Digital Fundraising Academy to equip fundraisers in this new digital age. He lives in Dallas Texas with his wife Katy, loves the art of pour-over coffee, and is frequently found chasing his children around while smoking meat in his backyard. 

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