[PODCAST] A Mission Statement Isn’t Marketing – Wes Gay

A Mission Statement Isn’t Marketing – Wes Gay

Can your leadership, board, and key audiences rattle off your organization’s mission statement? Maybe, but not likely. Can they each tell you what your organization is about? Probably, but based on their perspective you can get a wide variety of answers. This is why clarity and simplicity is so key when it comes to nonprofit marketing! On this episode, host Meghan Speer sits down with Wes Gay to talk about the importance of clarifying you marketing messages. A must-listen episode for anyone in marketing or development and a great one to share with your boards as well! 

Wes is the chief guide at Wayfinder, a StoryBrand certified agency. He is a TEDx speaker, a Forbes contributor, and a certified StoryBrand guide who helps brands use the power of story to create a clear and compelling message for their employees and customers.

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