Google at ICLR 2022

Posted by Cat Armato and Callan Hajosy, Program Managers The 10th International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2022) kicks off this week, bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers and students alike to discuss and explore the rapidly advancing field of deep learning. Entirely virtual this year, ICLR 2022 offers conference and workshop tracks that present some …

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Extracting Skill-Centric State Abstractions from Value Functions

Posted by Dhruv Shah, Intern, and Brian Ichter, Research Scientist, Robotics at Google Advances in reinforcement learning (RL) for robotics have enabled robotic agents to perform increasingly complex tasks in challenging environments. Recent results show that robots can learn to fold clothes, dexterously manipulate a rubik’s cube, sort objects by color, navigate complex environments and …

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Toward Gender-responsive and Technology-oriented Disaster Management in Eastern Africa

Toward Gender-responsive and Technology-oriented Disaster Management in Eastern Africa

Eastern Africa is predisposed to natural and human-induced disasters such as droughts and floods, political and ethnic conflicts, and outbreaks of human, crop and livestock disease epidemics. This is particularly critical for women and girls. When disasters occur, they do not discriminate, but their impact does. Women and girls are often disproportionately affected by disasters …

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[PODCAST] A Dazzling Approach to Charity Auctions

Charity auctions are as common as their featured prizes. Nonprofit organizations work every year to solicit in-kind donations of gift cards, memberships, small appliances, and free consultations for their live and silent auctions. In this episode, Katie interviews Scott and Eliza Friedman, the founders of Jewels with a Purpose (JWAP). Their business is revolutionizing the …

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Endowment Gifts for Nonprofits: Legacies of Giving and Sustainability

Endowments: Legacies of Giving and Sustainability Are you telling the right story and giving your supporters the right opportunities to give? Many high-wealth donors want to create endowment gifts for nonprofits. Endowments gifts for nonprofits can set up your organization to retain financial sustainability for years to come and showcase to donors that your organization …

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[PODCAST] Three Causes of Donor Mistrust (and how to address them)

Even the most capable fundraisers and nonprofit leaders can find themselves in a situation of donor mistrust. After all, you share the financial data, build beautiful annual reports, and foster transparency, but something is still missing. In this episode, Katie chats with Cara Augspurger of DonorBox about three causes of donor mistrust. Cara not only …

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How charities can benefit from collaboration with financial services

Rina Soni, Country Head of Resource Mobilisation & Marketing for HelpAge India, demystifies the process of working with financial services for nonprofits. Charities play an important part in modern society, providing services and activities for those who are most vulnerable. Yet, for many, there is the constant challenge of securing

[PODCAST] Your Highest and Best Use: How your nonprofit can prioritize and plan for marketing

How your nonprofit can prioritize and plan for marketing Too often, despite best intentions, nonprofits fail to prioritize and plan for their marketing. There is simply so much to do! A core teaching principle of Do More Good and Nonprofit Hub is that nonprofits have one and only one purpose; and, that is to grow …

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[PODCAST] Avoid Becoming a Netflix Docudrama: A Discussion on Nonprofit Sector Ethics

The gray areas of nonprofit land are deep and wide. Many things we automatically deem inappropriate become considerable in the pursuit of good work (and survival). In this episode, Katie talks to Hannah Berger, a renowned nonprofit and philanthropy consultant who taught with Fundraising Academy. This “no holds barred” conversation examines why ethical issues arise …

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Are NFTs the future of fundraising?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of NFTs. But how much do you really know about them? For most of us, these three letters conjure up a jumble of disjointed factoids: ugly monkeys selling for vast sums of money while the rainforest burns. But there’s

Giving Tuesday verdient jouw aandacht

Met veel dank aan de Resource Alliance en Salesforce vond op 26 oktober de online sessie over Giving Tuesday (=GT) plaats. Het is een wereldwijde dag van ‘goed doen’ en vind altijd plaats op 30 november. Theo van Hesen is een van de initiatief nemers van deze ‘vrijgevigheidsbeweging’ in Nederland

Digital innovation in the pandemic

If the coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything as fundraisers, it’s that innovation means survival. Everyone everywhere, in every industry, has had to adjust to new ways of working. In some places, there is talk of getting back to “normal”. In others, repeated waves and rolling control measures mean there’s

How COVID-19 helped MSF enter the world of chatbots

Nick Scott, Head of Digital at MSF Spain, writes about how the organisation had great success with the implementation of chatbots as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. Along with Toni Matas, director at Persualia, Nick spoke about their experience at #FRO2021 from The Resource Alliance. In March last

Clubhouse for non-profits

As the invite-only audio app begins rolling out to Android users, find out how your organisation can get on board. What’s the big deal, anyway? Clubhouse arrived at the right time. Launching as the coronavirus pandemic took hold across the world, it was valued at $100 million before it even

International Women’s Day 2021

Today is International Women’s Day – a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge: a challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. Today, we want to highlight some of the incredible women and women-led organisations challenging

Fundraising Perspectives from Italy

Last week my colleague Simona Biancu asked me to reflect on her thoughts about how coronavirus will impact fundraising in Italy, which she published on this blog last week. Curiously, even though our conversation was had at a distance, we came to many of the same reflections. I decided to

Coronavirus: Infecting the Zeitgeist

If every crisis is an opportunity and every failure is a lesson, then the world is brimming today with opportunity and lessons. I was hours away from getting on a plane a month ago to meet an Italian friend, Salvatore, in Tel Aviv, when he called to tell me to

Chronicles from Italy during Covid-19

I am writing this blogpost right in the middle of one of the strangest and most unpredictable situations that I have ever faced. Indeed, certainly the strangest and most unpredictable, even just until a couple of weeks ago. I believe that none of us – and I speak for my

How to Build a Fundraising Page for Your Nonprofit Website

Building a fundraising page is very important to your nonprofit organization. I have spotted some nonprofit organizations put a hyperlink that routes to their PayPal account on their site and think the job is accomplished. These organizations often complain and wonder why they don’t see an increase in donations. There

The main event

I have worked with many charities and many events teams in my 20-year fundraising career. Currently, I am working as a consultant and I have the privilege of being brought into a charity to troubleshoot and find solutions to challenges. I am confided in; financials and survey results are shared and I

The joy of learning something new (even after 25 years!)

It’s 25 years since our first analysis of legacy giving, when we were commissioned by a group of 13 major charities to produce 20-year forecasts of UK legacy incomes. After 25 years of presenting market reviews, sitting in on hundreds of forecasting presentations, writing thousands of words on legacy trends,