Top Nonprofit Hashtags of 2023

Top Nonprofit Hashtags of 2023

In today’s digitally connected world, hashtags have become more than just a trend. They can act as a tool to amplify the impact of nonprofits on social media platforms. 

Nonprofits can add hashtags to their social media strategies as a way to enhance their visibility, expand reach, and engage with a wider and more diverse audience. 

Hashtags categorize social media posts, making it easier for users to discover and connect with causes they care about. 

By utilizing relevant and popular hashtags, nonprofits can tap into ongoing conversations and trends and increase the likelihood of their content being seen and shared.

A few things to remember about nonprofit hashtags 

Before you go adding 50 new hashtags to all of your social media posts, there are a few things you should take into account: 

  • To utilize hashtags, your social media account must be public. 
  • More is not always better. Limit the amount the amount to 5 to 10 per post. If you add too many, it can come across as spammy.
  • While using already created hashtags is helpful, you should also make your own unique ones for your organization or fundraising event.
  • Don’t always pick the top hashtags. If you consistently only add hashtags that are used over a million times, there is a good chance that your post will get buried and not easily seen. Use a mix of top nonprofit hashtags and some that are more specific and used under 100k times. 

Top Nonprofit Hashtag List

You can use this list as a guide and inspiration for hashtags to include in your social media posts. The data below is pulled from Instagram in August 2023. 


#Nonprofit – 8.5 mil 

#Dogood – 3.2 mil

#Philanthropy – 1.9 mil

#Nonprofitorganization – 1.7 mil 

#Socialgood – 1.5 mil

#Causes – 661k 

#Changemaker – 581k

#Notforprofit – 460k

#NonprofitsofInstagram – 336k 

#Nonprofitlife – 283k 

#Supportnonprofits – 138k

#Nonprofitorganizations – 106k 


#ChicagoNonprofit – 33.2k

#HoustonNonprofit – 26.1k

#DallasNonprofit – 20.7k

#NYCNonprofit – 19.1k

#ColoradoNonprofit – 15.1k 

#AZNonprofit – 14.2k

#MiamiNonprofit – 12.3k

#DCNonprofit – 11.5k 

#NashvilleNonprofit – 11.4k

#ATLNonprofit – 10.7k

#SeattleNonprofit – 10.6k


#Donate – 8 mil 

#Fundraiser – 4.9 mil

#Giving – 2.5 mil

#GivingTuesday – 2.3 mil 

#CharityEvent – 1.2 mil

#DonateToday – 487k

#CharityFundraiser – 225k

#Fundraisers – 194k

#GivingTuesdayNow – 155k

#CharityAuction – 121k

#GivingSeason 130k

#FundraiserEvent – 118k


#Volunteer – 9 mil

#GiveBack – 5.7 mil 

#Activism – 2.2 mil

#DoSomething – 824k

#CharityWork – 431k 

#GivingBackToTheCommunity 327k

#VolunteerWork – 313k 

#Volunteerism – 257k

#SocialActivism – 233k 

#AnimalActivism – 154k

#EnvironmentalActivism – 46.2k

*Volunteers (I would avoid this one, especially in the fall. It is often tagged with the Tennessee Volunteers Football team and has nothing to do with nonprofits.)

By thoughtfully adding these nonprofit hashtags, your organization can harness the full potential of social media to drive awareness, mobilize resources, and ultimately make a more significant and lasting difference in the world.


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