The Ultimate Nonprofit Lingo Guide

The Ultimate Nonprofit Lingo Guide


The Ultimate Nonprofit Lingo Guide

No one has time for jargon. We’ve thoughtfully compiled a list of words and acronyms used within the nonprofit industry that you probably hear often. The Ultimate Nonprofit Lingo Guide is excellent for newcomers and experienced nonprofit pros who are looking to avoid embarrassment or save time during meetings.

This guide has over 100+ terms and acronyms to add to your nonprofit toolbox!

Tired of nodding your head in agreement or rushing to Google a quick search of what you just heard? (We’re not here to judge) Give your search bar a break, download our guide, and stay up-to-date on the terms, jargon, and nonprofit lingo that will make your life a lot easier to understand.

We listed some of the most common nonprofit words and phrases and defined them for you. This guide will now become your ultimate cheat sheet to refer to when encountering unfamiliar words in the nonprofit space. Download and bookmark this PDF, and check out the definitions.

Looking for something else? You may need to know how to start a nonprofit organization. Or perhaps you’re looking for tips on nonprofit marketing or strategic planning. Whatever issue or question you might have, there’s a nonprofit resource waiting to help you and your organization succeed. Nonprofit Hub gives you the latest tools and advice in one spot so you can use your time to focus on your mission.

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