The Major Gifts Fundraising PlayBook

The Major Gifts Fundraising PlayBook


The Major Gifts Fundraising PlayBook

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? Essentially, the principle says that 80% of your nonprofit revenue comes from 10% of donors. With rising wealth inequality, some experts say this principle is now looking more like the 90/10 rule. With 90% of fundraising revenue coming from 10% of donors, your major donors are more important than ever.

The number of people contributing to charities is growing. Giving has increased by 4.1% over the past year, which is the sixth consecutive year of growth. But where are these donations coming from?

69% of total giving comes from individuals. In five of the last six years, charitable giving by individuals has grown. So, with rising giving, specifically among a more concentrated number of wealthy individuals, you need to have a plan for harnessing these major donors.

Not only will these donors bring in funds that help you support your mission, but when a major donor contributes to a fundraising campaign, smaller donors
also, become more likely to support the cause.

This guide from Fundraising Kit outlines how to gain new knowledge on how to pursue donors based on simple criteria that makes a big impact on your organization’s goals. Download and add to your nonprofit toolbox.

You’ll learn how to identify indicators to consider when prospecting major donors such as: 


  • Personal Connection
  • Age
  • Frequency of donations
  • Volunteer experience
  • Wealth indicators
  • Giving history
  • And more!

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