[PODCAST] The Power of Nonprofit Servant Leadership in Fundraising

The Power of Nonprofit Servant Leadership in Fundraising

In this Nonprofit Hub Radio episode, host Delaney Mullennix interviews Evan Wildstein, author of The Nonprofiteer’s Fundraising Field Guide. Evan explains how he entered fundraising after college. He discusses nonprofit servant leadership’s importance for nonprofits. Servant leaders empower teams rather than pursue power.

Specifically, Evan says servant leaders listen, demonstrate empathy, prioritize others’ needs, and develop skills. This leadership style promotes fundraising through collaboration. Evan also spotlights his new book, offering practical fundraising tips. He argues anyone can fundraise with the right mindset – building relationships and understanding donors’ passions.

Additionally, Evan shares how servant leaders impacted him. A past supervisor modeled compassion, built trust, and supported Evan’s growth as a young fundraising professional. Evan states a nonprofit servant leadership behavior boosting fundraising is humility. Leaders should empower teams, not themselves, fueling motivation. Listeners can demonstrate this by praising team accomplishments, providing coaching/mentorship, and encouraging risk-taking.
Moreover, Evan offers “good news” – he sees nonprofits adopting new technologies and strategies. Servant-led nonprofits able to adapt and rally teams around purpose will thrive.

In summary, this episode examines nonprofit servant leadership’s fundraising role. Evan provides career examples and takeaways from his book. He advocates nonprofit servant leadership practices, including empowering teams, cultivating trust, and remaining humble. Evan expresses optimism about adaptable, purpose-driven nonprofit leaders.

Evan Wildstein is a nonprofiteer with twenty years of experience in fundraising, strategy, and operations. He has worked with organizations like The Juilliard School, Rice University, and Asia Society to raise funds and develop unique programs. In addition to his work in social impact, Wildstein has coached organizations on board development and talent growth, commissioned operas, and produced learning initiatives. He regularly contributes to Philanthropy News Digest, NonProfit PRO, and other publications, writing about the nonprofit sector and organizational leadership.

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