[PODCAST] The Importance of Inclusive Hiring Practices

The Importance of Inclusive Hiring Practices

Adjusting hiring practices can ensure an inclusive nonprofit workforce where individuals with differing abilities can contribute and add value to causes and missions. Mandy Anderson, founder of Lake Effect kitchen in West Michigan hires and trains employees with disabilities to maintain jobs. What started as a kitchen has expanded into Eat Well Do Good, which is the first local non-government agency in the Michigan area to work with businesses to offer grants and funding for paid employees with disabilities.

Nonprofits are all about building inclusive communities and equitable work but when we talk about growing as a community, we have to include all members of that community, regardless of ability and recognize that all are stakeholders and bring something to the table.

Having an inclusive and flexible mindset is applicable to all organizations; being rigid in who you think about of as your audience or potential members/employees not only limits your own organization’s potential but the potential of everyone in your community. Hear Mandy share more about how you can help to make sure everyone finds a place to belong and bring value to the workforce.

Shout out to our friends at AB Charities for making today’s episode possible!


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