[PODCAST] Taking Care of the Mission-Critical Volunteers

Taking Care of Mission-Critical Volunteers

The relationship between the mission-critical voluntary sector and social impact is inextricably linked. The changing economic climate and generational changes are complicating what it looks like to build a sustainable and successful volunteer program. In this episode, Katie talks to Matt Campo, the president of the Ronald McDonald House for the New York Metro Region. Matt talks about the challenges and the unchanging elements of service that will always help create strong volunteer programs. 

Changing Times, Unchanging Impact of Volunteers

The term “staff volunteer” is becoming obsolete as younger generations seek to serve in more ad hoc and shorter durations. The economic upheaval caused by dramatically low unemployment and the “great resignation” has also created upheaval in the voluntary sector. Matt discusses the challenges of maintaining flexibility and continuing to present the need for volunteers during constantly changing times. 

Matt points out that in his program, there is something for everyone. No matter your gifts, availability, or skills, so long as you desire to serve, there is a meaningful place to plug in at Ronald McDonald House Charities. 

Always Tie it Back to the Mission.

Matt discusses the importance of ensuring mission-critical volunteers know that their time and energy are providing “mission-critical” support to the organization. The service of volunteers is not a “nice to have” commodity – it’s an essential part of their nonprofit’s program. When volunteers recognize the value of their work and feel the appreciation of the nonprofit’s team, their commitment and engagement become stronger. He reminds his team that they’re all compassionate recruiters of help for the organization.

Meet Matthew Campo | CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities New York Metro, Inc. 

Matt Campo joined the RMHC system in early 2009 as the organization’s Director of Development and Communications, rising to become CEO of the NY Metro Chapter. Matt has focused much of his energy on expanding the organization’s reach across the New York Metro region, including opening the first two Ronald McDonald Family Rooms (at Cohen Children’s Hospital and Stony Brook Children’s Hospital). In addition to his dedicated work in program expansion to serve more families, he fosters a steadfast commitment in his staff to offer support anywhere it is needed.

Campo participated in the RMHC Global Advisory Council in 2018 & 2019. This meaningful experience elevated and redefined his leadership skills as the CEO of RMHC NYM. Matt has appreciated the opportunity to help shift and shape system perspectives and broaden group discussions in the council’s quest for commitment, consensus, and compromise. Matt takes tremendous pride in being a conduit for communication within his local and national regions. Often, capturing opportunities for feedback one-on-one with fellow organizational leaders and at the east regional system level.

Before joining the RMHC system, Matt held several fundraising positions at local Long Island nonprofits, including those specializing in the Arts, Human Services, and Higher Education.

He has been a member of the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP) for over a decade and previously served in leadership positions. Matt enjoys a broad range of personal passions with his wife and three children as lifelong residents of Long Island.

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