[PODCAST] Nonprofit Themes in 2022

Nonprofit Themes in 2022: How are we showing up?

We’re culture conscious, short on time, heavy on tech, and oh-so-hopeful! Katie talks to Jon and Becky from We Are For Good about the themes emerging from the nonprofit sector in 2022. Everything is on the table from next-gen donors to batch working for efficiency, the overhead myth, and mental health. Listen to learn some of Jon and Becky’s “Pro Tips” to do more good in 2022. 


Meet Jon & Becky

Jonathan McCoy and Becky Endicott are dear friends and co-Founders of We Are For Good. They have 35 combined years of experience in nonprofit development and marketing. He’s the designer, she’s the writer, but they call themselves “marketers disguised as fundraisers.” They cut their teeth working at two of Oklahoma’s largest foundations leading teams in annual giving, events, stewardship, and major gifts. Not to mention, they built a ground-breaking employee-giving campaign model that’s been internationally replicated.

We Are For Good launched in 2020 through their podcast of the same name. The podcast debuted as the #1 nonprofit podcast on Apple iTunes and has interviewed more than 200 of the industry’s most respected thought leaders as guests. 

They’re on a mission to reimagine the nonprofit professional development space and rename the nonprofit industry in their spare time.

Shout out to DonorBox for making this episode possible!


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