[PODCAST] Nonprofit Remote Work: Time to Flex with Purpose!

Nonprofit Remote Work: A Sign of the Times

The pandemic gave you and your team a taste of remote work, if not a complete immersion in it. What do you think? Do you struggle to connect with your peers when they’re not under the same roof? If so, this episode will prepare you and your team to flex with purpose around remote and hybrid work arrangements. Digital wellness expert, Mark Ostach, shares tips, trends, and real-life examples of how remote and hybrid teams are thriving in the new normal.

A Benefit Outside of Brick and Mortar

Whereas employers use in-office perks like snacks and fancy coffee to attract and retain talent, it’s all about flexibility. Employers that equip their team for remote and hybrid work enjoys the benefits of increased productivity and mindset, and longevity. Mark shares tips on how employers can build culture by focusing on the ABCs:

Alignment – are we aligned on goals and mission?
Belonging – are all included and valued?
Connectivity – do we have the means to connect within and outside of work-related tasks?

He also shares some new benefits that employers use to serve both in-house and remote team members, i.e., audible subscriptions, Peloton clubs, and more.

Balancing Boundaries in Nonprofit Remote Work

Working from home (or anywhere other than the office) might seem like the ultimate move toward work/life balance, but blurred boundaries can be challenging. Mark shares tips for creating space – both mentally and physically, to avoid loneliness and burnout. He specifically calls out a trending company called Shift Spaces which designs room-defining setups for those without a designated workspace in their home.

Meet Mark Ostach

Mark Ostach helps people find the courage to connect. A globally recognized speaker on Digital Wellness and frequently featured in USA Today; Mark has done two TED talks, written two books, and spoken to thousands of people, encouraging them to embrace a spirit of courage through vulnerability. Mark has degrees in psychology and technology and an interest in behavioral neuroscience. His mission is to remind the world that human connection is the most powerful connection.

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