[PODCAST] Nonprofit Partnerships & Creative Problem Solving for NPOs

Nonprofit Partnerships and Creative Problem Solving for NPOs

Delaney Mullennix, host of the Nonprofit Hub Radio Podcast, interviews Devika Narayanan of Nostos Homes about nonprofit partnerships and creative problem solving.

Devika shares insights about her downtime activities, her role as Chief of Staff, and the growth and scaling of Nostos Homes. This family-based organization focuses on physical/mental safety as well as sustainability.

Devika explains that partnerships are crucial to the success of Nostos Homes, as they have add value to the organization’s existing services. The organization recognizes the importance of creating a welcoming environment for its guests.

Lastly, Devika details how Nostos Homes tackles these challenges using creative problem-solving techniques. This episode offers valuable insights to nonprofit organizations that want to establish fruitful partnerships and overcome obstacles with innovative solutions.


Guest excerpt: Devika Narayanan, Chief of Staff of Nostos Homes

Nostos Homes is a UK-based charity led by young people and provides sustainable homes for families forcibly displaced worldwide. The organization and its leadership garner extensive international recognition and support, with endorsements from various entities such as the World Bank, IFC, Goldman Sachs, HRH Prince William, Royal Commonwealth Society, and The Diana Award. The work of Nostos has also been acknowledged as a finalist for The Org Impact Awards.

Devika leads the partnerships of Nostos. Also, Devika is a university student. Devika believes that a volunteer-only non profit led by young people can successfully engage with established international organizations. Devika believes that youth nonprofit leadership is not given the attention it deserves. This podcast is a platform to change this and bring more attention to the subject.


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