[PODCAST] Myths and Realities of Major Gift Solicitation

Myths and Realities of Major Gift Solicitation

In this episode, we speak with Edward Leibman about gift solicitation.

This episode investigated whether nonprofits should pause major gift solicitation during economic downturns. Currently, many nonprofits are considering pausing their solicitation efforts. However, experts advise against this approach. While it may seem counterintuitive to ask for donations during tough times, major gift donors may still be willing to give, and pausing solicitation may lead to missed opportunities in the long run.

We also discussed Hudson Ferris, a company that has developed a new solicitation simulation to help nonprofits improve their major gift fundraising efforts. The simulation allows organizations to practice and refine their solicitation techniques in a risk-free environment.



Edward Leibman has been a fixture on New York’s nonprofit landscape for decades. He has led highly successful fundraising efforts for The New York Botanical Garden, The Public Theater, The National Institute for Reproductive Health, and Theater Communications Group, among others, raising millions of dollars in the process. Nearly a decade ago, he founded Hudson Ferris Inc., a bottom-line-focused fundraising firm that has since grown to become one of New York City’s premiere boutique development consultancies for nonprofits. In 2018, he co-founded GreaterSpace, a groundbreaking platform that pairs workspace with shared support services to create efficiency, promote financial health, and increase the effectiveness of nonprofits. A creative thinker, his entrepreneurial approach to fundraising often breaks the mold of convention. Ed specializes in major gifts, board development, corporate sponsorship, and campaign strategy.


Shout out to Donorbox for making this episode possible.

Shout out to our friends at Donorbox for making today’s episode possible!

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