[PODCAST] How to Be a Next Level Nonprofit

How to Be a Next Level Nonprofit

In this episode, Chris Lambert discusses the strategy to take Nonprofits to the Next Level.

Life Remodeled is a nonprofit organization that has developed an operating system called Next Level Nonprofit. This system helps other nonprofits achieve maximum capacity by implementing four key components: team unity, compelling vision, the right strategy, and disciplined execution. By doing so, nonprofits can achieve their goals effectively.

Furthermore, Life Remodeled believes that having a simple, two-page strategic plan to which everyone is fully committed can help nonprofits earn more. Their main objective is to revitalize Detroit neighborhoods by providing access to opportunities for families to thrive. To achieve this, they repurpose vacant school buildings into hubs of opportunity, which are filled with nonprofits that offer programs to thousands of students and community members each year.

Additionally, Life Remodeled is committed to ensuring that Detroit students perform at or above grade level in math and reading. They also strive to give families access to essential health and wellness services. With this approach, Life Remodeled is significantly impacting the lives of people in Detroit and beyond.

Chris Lambert is a man of deep faith and unwavering commitment to service. His journey began with a spiritual awakening during his college years at Indiana University, which led him to pursue advanced studies in theology. He would go on to become a pastor.

As the founder and CEO of Life Remodeled, Chris has dedicated himself to transforming communities one block at a time. His vision for the organization has grown over the years. Going from a focus on neighborhood revitalization to a broader mission of creating opportunities for youth, families, and adults. Subsequently, his work has been recognized by prestigious organizations like Crain’s and Building Design + Construction. Chris remains focused on the journey ahead and the people he serves. He is a true servant leader who embodies the values of wisdom, humility, and compassion.

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