[PODCAST] How to Assemble and Maintain A Volunteer Fundraising Structure

How to Assemble and Maintain A Volunteer Fundraising Structure

In this episode, we speak with Whitney Anderson about volunteer fundraising.

A volunteer fundraising structure can significantly impact a nonprofit’s diversified fundraising strategy. Assembling and maintaining a volunteer fundraising structure requires careful planning, dedication, and ongoing communication. This episode focuses on how nonprofit organizations can turn volunteers into effective fundraisers. Whitney highlights the importance of empowering volunteers to fundraise and provides tips on how to do so effectively while respecting their time and maintaining the organization’s integrity. During her talk, she discusses the advantages of peer-to-peer fundraising and offers guidance on effectively sustaining this approach. Lastly, Whitney emphasizes the importance of providing training and tools for volunteer fundraisers to be successful.

Furthermore, creating a positive and supportive environment for volunteers is critical to building a dedicated team motivated to achieve fundraising goals. By showing appreciation for their efforts and providing opportunities for feedback and contribution, nonprofits can foster a sense of ownership and commitment among their volunteers.

Whitney Anderson is the Principal for Campaign Services at Fox Advancement, a leading fundraising firm that provides capital campaign consulting, grant research and writing, and fractional development officer support. She is passionate about helping nonprofits clarify their vision, tell their story, and link their mission with generous donors. She is a skilled strategist and project manager who helps nonprofits manage major fundraising campaigns from conception to completion. Her expertise includes interviewing philanthropists, providing major gifts solicitation training, and working with volunteers on peer-to-peer fundraising strategies. Whitney holds a Ph.D. in Interpersonal Communication from North Dakota State University.

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