[PODCAST] How National Nonprofit Day Can Boost Your Cause

What is the Significance of National Nonprofit Day?

In 2017, author and businesswoman Sherita Herring founded National Nonprofit Day with the ambition to recognize those performing cause work as well as inspire more people to serve with nonprofits. Five years later, are we giving this holiday the attention it deserves? 

In this episode, Sara Lundenber of Dot Org Solutions shares ideas on how nonprofits can leverage National Nonprofit Day to raise more support for their cause and create a rising tide movement in the sector. 


Could National Nonprofit Day be the new national giving day? 

National Nonprofit Day has a lot of work to catch up to #GivingTuesday, which is second only to December 31st as the most substantial giving day of the year. The fact that the holiday is not associated with donations is a reason it might be a secret weapon for your nonprofit. While #GivingTuesday has been dubbed the “Nonprofit Super Bowl” due to the competition for attention and support it represents, National Nonprofit Day presents a golden opportunity to grab attention on social media and other digital platforms. Best of all, donors who give on National Nonprofit Day will likely consider another gift before year-end. 

Listen to the full episode to hear Sara’s insights and ideas on how to maximize National Nonprofit Day for your organization!

Meet Sara Lundenberger

Sara Lundenberger, MAOL, is Vice President of Nonprofit Services and Operations of Dot Org Solutions LLC, a fundraising consulting and creative agency. The agency serves clients from many nonprofits in traditional and digital marketing communications, fundraising strategy, consulting, and training. Sara is a graduate of Mount Union College and Malone University. She is also a board member of the AFP of Northeast Ohio chapter and a member of Women’s Impact. Her previous fundraising experience includes Akron Children’s Hospital and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Shout out to our friends at DipJar for making today’s episode possible and giving a little more fun! DipJar’s platform and devices create memorable giving moments that delight and inspire.


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