[PODCAST] Expert Tips and Tools from Chris Lesner for Successful Fundraising

Expert Tips and Tools from Chris Lesner for Successful Fundraising

In this Nonprofit Hub Radio episode, host Delaney Mullennix interviews Chris Lesner, PWI founder. Chris shares how his corporate marketing background inspired helping nonprofits. Working with them as clients, Chris realized these organizations needed unique support for funding, volunteers, and visibility. This led him to launch PWI, providing innovative fundraising resources connecting people and charities.

Throughout the interview, Chris gives fundraising tips using various resources. He stresses compelling storytelling and clearly communicating impact. Chris says nonprofits must make supporters feel invested through powerful narratives. He also emphasizes embracing technology and online fundraising to expand reach. From social media to peer-to-peer software, Chris discusses how nonprofits can use tech to boost engagement and donations.

Additionally, Chris shares PWI growth insights, including unexpected expansions into services like social media fundraising campaigns. He reflects on lessons about hiring skilled, passionate team members dedicated to helping nonprofits maximize fundraising. Chris credits his amazing staff for much of PWI’s success as a leading nonprofit hub.

Overall, the conversation offers a look into Chris’ journey from marketing expert to nonprofit entrepreneur providing fundraising resources. His advice on fundraising, storytelling, technology, and building a driven team provides actionable tips for nonprofits seeking to improve outreach and funding with strategic resources. It highlights Chris’ motivation and innovative vision supporting charities with invaluable fundraising.

Chris Lesner is the founder and CEO of Project World Impact (PWI), a nonprofit hub dedicated to providing fundraising resources and connecting people with charitable causes. The vision for PWI was born when Chris decided to apply his extensive marketing expertise to help nonprofits raise money, gain visibility, and further their mission.

Before launching PWI, Chris helped start a successful marketing company with dozens of clients, including several famous Fortune 500 companies. However, through working with nonprofits, he realized these organizations had unique needs around funding, volunteers, and visibility. Inspired to make a difference, Chris left his company to assemble the PWI team.

Each team member at PWI is skilled, hard-working, and passionate about helping nonprofits connect with supporters and expand their impact. Under Chris’ leadership, PWI has become a leading nonprofit hub providing invaluable fundraising resources and innovative ways for people to get involved with and donate to charitable organizations. His vision and dedication to the nonprofit sector is what drives PWI’s success in supporting nonprofits. For more on PWI’s story, visit Project World Impact.

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