[PODCAST] Ban Brochure Speak for Effective Communications

Ban “Brochure Speak” for Effective Communications

We all do it to some degree, and we’re equally annoyed by those who do it to us. We sell sell sell, talk in acronyms or industry-lingo and we attempt to spell out our savvy rather than demonstrate it. Stop the insanity! In this episode, Monica Tiffany explains some fundamentals for effective communication with your nonprofit’s audience. 

Effective Communications Tip: Be someone people want to hear from. 

No one wants to hear you recite your nonprofit’s highlight reel or your resume. But, we all love a strong story or a tale of triumph, especially when there’s a personal connection to our own story. After all, we cherish being valued as individuals. Effective communication is just that! Understanding your audience and respecting their time and individuality are critical steps to growing your open rates as well as getting more meaningful responses to your messages. Your reputation as a communicator is on the line, and so is your mission!

Frequency is essential, but reputation Wins.

Do More Good founder Bill McKendry, as always, said that “frequency wins” in effective marketing communications, but Monica reminds us that reputation trumps frequency. Why? If your audience does not trust or value who you are and what you’re sharing, they’ll walk away, a.k.a. Unsubscribe. Your reputation for delivering value, meaning, and authentic messages allow you to send more frequently.

Meet Monica Tiffany

Monica Tiffany specializes in developing effective communications strategies for companies and organizations. She has written for Shriners Hospitals for Children, National Geographic, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and the American Red Cross, to name a few.

Monica served as VP of Marketing and Communications for the Association of Fundraising Professionals — Greater Kansas City Chapter. She is a member of the Reach Out and Read KC Community Council and a past member of the Mid-America Charitable Gift Planners Board of Directors. A Mizzou graduate, Monica also serves on the MU English Leaders Development Board, as well as helping promote the university’s English Department and connect recent graduates with career opportunities.

As a professional creative director and copywriter, she speaks to local and national audiences about copywriting, messaging, and creative strategy. Before joining M&C, Monica similarly spent five years in nonprofit association management.

Shout out to our friends at GiveEffect for making today’s episode possible! It’s 2022, and it’s time to level up. Your organization deserves the best technology to thrive in the digital age and likewise, your donors deserve an easy giving experience. Our mission is to serve nonprofits by building the best nonprofit system, ever. Let us better your tech, so that you can better our world…


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