[PODCAST] Accidental Fundraiser to Fundraising Beast

Accidental Fundraiser to Fundraising Beast

In this episode, Rhea Wong reflects on the powerful journey, going from accidental fundraiser to fundraising beast!

We look at the tips and techniques needed to become a fundraiser that executes in today’s society. Rhea highlights mistakes that are made along the journey but also explores the solutions to those mistakes. After spending thousands of dollars on training, Rhea shares the best and worst professional development experiences.

Rhea also stresses the importance of fundraisers building relationships with donors and creating a compelling story that resonates with them.

The podcast ends with discussing the importance of being a guide rather than a miner in fundraising. Rhea explains that being a guide means helping donors discover their reasons for giving rather than persuading them based on the fundraiser’s interests.

Overall, this episode provides:

  • Valuable insights into the world of fundraising
  • Emphasizing the importance of relationships
  • Storytelling
  • Continuous learning



Unlike other consultants, Rhea has been in the trenches and built up a multi-million dollar nonprofit from nothing. She’s made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. She became a consultant to teach you everything she’s learned from 20 years of fundraising and organizational growth plus the complete package of tens of thousands of dollars worth of professional development that she’s distilled down in an easy-to-digest 9 week group coaching program designed to help you get dollars in the door fast. 

Rhea Wong is the author of Get That Money Honey. The book offers a proven framework to convert conversations into copious dollars, regardless of your current budget. Here, Rhea reveals the exact methodology she used to transform Breakthrough New York from a meager $200,000 nonprofit into a multimillion-dollar organization. The secret is fairly simple: the right mindset, the right systems, and the right strategies.

Wong is renowned for her ability to teach everyone—from fresh-faced founders to seasoned EDs—something about raising money. She draws from her 20+ years as a multimillion-dollar fundraiser and offers selective access to her coaching program. Moreover, listeners will get insights into other topics—everything from copywriting and marketing to UX design—from her conversations with other experts on her podcast, The Nonprofit Lowdown.

Shout out to our friends at Donorbox for making today’s episode possible!


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