[PODCAST] 4 Practices to Improve Your Storytelling – Arielle Bateman

4 Practices to Improve Your Storytelling – Arielle Bateman

Whether it’s an interview about the life of one of the people your organization is helping or a discussion with your donors about the motivations behind their support for your cause, the ability to capture and communicate a story is crucial to the success of your organization. So how do you enhance your storytelling abilities and improve the stories that your organization tells? How can you tell the story of the present while also inviting your audience to play a role in a possible story for the future? On this episode, host Meghan Speer sits down with Arielle Bateman to discuss her 4 practices that she suggests for improving your storytelling: stay hopeful, be curious, focus on the people, and own your story. 

Arielle has worked as a nonprofit storyteller for more than 12 years in international relief, human services, and museums. Her work has spanned the donor pipeline from direct response to major gifts. As a dedicated fundraiser and communicator, she enjoys sharing stories of transformation and building relationships in the community. She loves helping people to discover their philanthropic passions and to support the work that’s closest to their heart.

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