How to Transform Your Online Fundraising

How to Transform Your Online Fundraising

In this episode of Nonprofit Hub Radio, host Delaney Mullennix interviews Owen O’Doherty, the founder and CEO of DonorSee, an innovative online fundraising platform. Owen explains how DonorSee is transforming fundraising by allowing donors to give directly to vetted nonprofits and projects around the world. Donors can then see video updates showing the impact of their donations.

Owen shares the story of Gret Glyer, whose online fundraising through DonorSee has helped provide over 500,000 meals to children in Haiti. This transparent model gives donors a meaningful connection to the cause. Owen states DonorSee overcomes two key nonprofit challenges – acquiring new online donors and retaining them. The platform makes online fundraising engaging through personalized videos and updates.

When asked about the future of online fundraising, Owen predicts even more involvement of visual media and storytelling. He envisions a shift from nonprofits pushing one-way messaging to interactive conversations with empowered donors. Owen encourages nonprofits to explore innovative online fundraising approaches on DonorSee to deepen donor relationships.

In summary, this episode provides insight into transforming online fundraising through transparent models like DonorSee. Owen argues that creating a meaningful donor experience is critical for acquisition and retention.


Owen is the CEO of DonorSee. From Ireland originally, he is mission driven and has a passion for developing technology for good to build communities that drive change in the world.

Owen has a background in product design and development, and is a graduate with a first class honors in Business Information Systems. Prior to leading DonorSee, he founded, developed, and ran a successful technology platform for family caregivers and care teams. He has won awards for innovation from Microsoft, as well as national innovation awards. His expertise also extends to academia, having lectured on the Design of Digital Business and Information Systems and Analytics at masters level.

Owen continues to channel his passion and expertise to effect meaningful change through his leadership at DonorSee. ‘I love seeing the difference that the DonorSee’s partners and community make every day in the world.’

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