AI technology

An easier way to teach robots new skills

Researchers have developed a technique that enables a robot to learn a new pick-and-place task with only a handful of human demonstrations. This could allow a human to reprogram a robot to grasp never-before-seen objects, presented in random poses, in about 15 minutes.

Google at ICLR 2022

Posted by Cat Armato and Callan Hajosy, Program Managers The 10th International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR 2022) kicks off this week, bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers and students alike to discuss and explore the rapidly advancing field of deep learning. Entirely virtual this year, ICLR 2022 offers conference and workshop tracks that present some …

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Extracting Skill-Centric State Abstractions from Value Functions

Posted by Dhruv Shah, Intern, and Brian Ichter, Research Scientist, Robotics at Google Advances in reinforcement learning (RL) for robotics have enabled robotic agents to perform increasingly complex tasks in challenging environments. Recent results show that robots can learn to fold clothes, dexterously manipulate a rubik’s cube, sort objects by color, navigate complex environments and …

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