Born To Be Nonprofit: Creating Real Environmental Change [PODCAST]

Born To Be Nonprofit: Creating Real Environmental Change

In this episode of Nonprofit Hub Radio, host Delaney Mullennix interviews Manda Kalimian, founder of the CANA Foundation, about her journey as a female founder advocating for environmental change and the power of rewilding horses. The CANA Foundation’s mission is to conserve and restore the North American landscape through rewilding initiatives, with a focus on wild horses as a keystone species. The organization thrives on the belief that using wild horses for rewilding initiatives can improve the overall health and vitality of North American grasslands. 

Manda shared her 15-year journey as a nonprofit founder in her book, “Born to Rewild” including her strong calling to rescue horses from inevitable slaughter. At the time of her interview, the organization had just won approval to rescue new horses and release them on the land where they assist in the natural preservation of the ecosystem. 

Manda Kalimian (Founder & CEO) Manda Kalimian is the founder and president of the CANA Foundation, which for over a decade ago has worked to rewild America’s wild horses and land to promote environmental and climate sustainability. Through CANA, Manda has not only raised awareness of issues surrounding America’s wild horses and environmental destruction, she’s also led major change in Washington, including the effectuation of rewilding language for managing America’s wild horses in the FY2020 Interior Appropriations budget bill.

A frequent speaker, she’s presented about horse and environmental topics at Cambridge University at the Cambridge Conservation Forum in England. She’s appeared in leading media, including on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Through her production company, White Feather Productions, she’s spearheaded music videos, TV spots, Times Square Billboards and live events to share the message about wild horses globally. She also founded a wellness line of skincare products, Naturally Considerate, whose profits go back to equestrian and environmental causes. Manda is also a founding member of the Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell, a nonpartisan institute that seeks to elevate the discourse and deepen understanding of volatile political and global events.

On her private farm on Long Island, she works with animal rescues ranging from horses to goats and welcomes visitors to learn through special workshops and exclusive events at her Rewilding Space. Manda is a passionate advocate for preserving the Native American culture and supports educational and health initiatives benefiting indigenous communities.

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